As pet owners, we take the security and well being of our dogs seriously. We should give them the independence which they want and at once we should keep them in the lawn and far from the road or the neighbor’s backyard. Using a wireless dog fence is a realistic choice, but there are others too. Here are several factors to assist you in making your choice. The article wireless dog fence reviews
As improvements are made in electronics, the containment possibilities to pet owners have enhanced significantly. You will find now many chances worth contemplating, from electronic pet doors into a wireless dog fence. Now, a physical fence is not needed to keep your dog in your lawn.
Previously the most used dog fence was the electrical dog fence. This is made up of wire that’s buried in the earth around the perimeter of your property with a modest number of electric current running through it. A jolt apparatus is subsequently attached to the dog’s collar to ensure that when he tries to cross over the wire he receives a jolt and learns to remain inside the electric fence. (more…)

If уоu аrе lооking fоr a quаlitу vасuum fоr hardwood flооrѕ, уоu hаvе рrоbаblу rеаlizеd it is nоt a ѕimрlе tаѕk. Whеn уоu decided tо do away with thе old vасuum that did nоthing but hаrm уоur hаrdwооd flооrѕ, уоu thоught thingѕ wоuld bе еаѕу. You wоuld go tо thе ѕtоrе оr оnlinе аnd just рiсk any vасuum that would fit уоur nееdѕ. However, there аrе so mаnу different types of vacuums, еасh with diffеrеnt fеаturеѕ аnd qualities, thаt уоu can bесоmе еаѕilу соnfuѕеd.
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You are able to start your air compressor easily in the fall and summer, even in the end of the spring. However, your machine become more difficult to start in the winter when the temperature drops to under 0oC. Why does it happen so?

To answer this popular question, you have to understand that air compressor motors with 120 VAC work very close to the line as it is linked to the electricity power in a 120 VAC supply circuit and the amount of energy is very essential for your compressor engine to boot and work.

In the southern and northern areas of the global, people call this phenomenon snow. If there’s snow, the weather is cold, and your air compressors become just so cold as the surrounding environment when they are placed in an cold area, like in the picture below, you should bring it out of the cold workshop and warm it up.


The compressor can’t run in condition of cold weather

Which is the reason for that? The compressor oil is the most exact answer for this problem.

If you have your best air compressors for home which belongs to the lubricated model, then what matter to oil you can imagine when the weather becomes cold? It can get more viscous, thicker, and the oil layer is thicker so it goes inactively and moves more difficultly.

The pump of the compressor is splashed up  by compressor lubricating oil when it was last running, and now that oil is close to, or is frozen solid.

Therefore, your air compressor is cold, thick and maybe frozen oil. When your air compressor comes to the power available in warm temperature, it is already marginal. Another cause creating this poblem is that the machine operation could now not be optimal as it’s no longer new. Then, it may be ice up.

The extra load on the motor by the thickened oil  means the motor could not turn over, you may get a fuse blown or a breaker lets go, and at last, the air compressor will not begin as the temperature is too low.

Some other problems with non-lubed Air Compressors

Many people buy air compressors which are marked non-lube, or oil-less, are definitely factory lubed – in concept of the life of the compressor – these machines don’t need oil to be able to run.

In those air compressors, however, there is still factory lube, and they have the same phenomenon. Chilled and frozen lubrication adds load to the air compressor begins circuit, often to the point where the machine are not able to start.

How to solve this problem.

The most simple way you should do is to bring your compressor indoors in a few hours and then you could start it. This method will make your machine warm up and when the compressor is warm to room temperature you can plug it into the electricity power source and/or turn it on if your devices  have an ON/OFF button.

It’s just a trick to resolve this kind of problems. Of course, sometimes you are still able to start your compressors when it is cold. Besides, there are some cases as your machine can not run without problems’ temperature. You should consider this.

Air compressor is one of the most popular household devices in our home. However, not all people understand how this machine work because different compressor s have difference ways to run. Now, I will tell you exactly the way the air compressor run when you start it. And from this essay, you can more easily find out some mistakes of your machine.

Which task does the air compressor do?

A simple way to understand that this machine do compress air, but which is the reason of compressing air? Air compressor is not only a compressed-air machine but also an energy-convert machine. The compressor you use in simple working environment such as at home, in the garage or in a small workshop just use electricity like a power supply. This machine produces compressed air energy from electricity. This air is always ready in the cistern to be used and it can be released when you link the air line to an air devices. After you start the machine, compressed air energy moves out of the tank, flows along the air path and runs to work for you through your air tools. You don’t need a continuous electrical power because your air tools can work with just enough air pressure in the air compressor tank.

How does an typical air compressors run?

As an air compressor be started, its motor will run and operate the compressor pump which could send air into the tank. We know the compressor tanks have many sizes and shapes. It can be a stacked tube or pancake style.

When the pump begins working, the air will move into the air compressor tank. Either the compressor is on or it is being used, the motor will start. After that, the air pressure in the cistern will turn down and you have to turn on your machine by plugging in electrical source or use button ON/OFF.


This is the photo of a typical pump of a smaller-size air compressor

The pump can be indentified easily because it and its exposed fins are made of metal. These fins may be on the top or on the edge of the pump sometimes but they often on both. Their effect is dissipating heat which is released from compressed air. The fins are adding up surface area for the metal of the pump, the purpose is to make heat transfer faster to the surrounding air. Sometimes the pumps and the motors could be cover inside entirely a plastic by small manufacturers in order to make them look better. In my opinion, however, the plastic cover can prevent the heat from transfering to the air which makes bad results to any electrical device.

I have told briefly to you about the way compressor tank stores the air and how the pump sends the air into the cistern. Your pump may not be the same in the photo but you can see some kinds if you own a compressor.

The compressor will be turned on and off with pressure switch

The compressor can be turned on or off automatically when the air pressure in the tank falls down to a specific level. Depending your air conpressor, the pressure switch may look like the Condor in the picture. The Condor often has an internal unloader valve, however your machine could also be a Lefoo type with an external unloader valve. Which kind of valves and what they work will be connected to air compressor device on the navigation bar.


MDR 21 Condor Pressure switch

Both types of compressor pressure switches are commonly placed on the discharge tube from the air compressor cistern. Sometimes you are not able to see your pressure adjustment because of your too small-sized device.

How pressure switch be set?

The pressure control on your compress devices would come with factory preset pressure set points. One of these set points would be the cut in pressure setting. It is the lower point. As the air pressure in the tank fall down to this set point, the point inside the pressure switch will close, then electricity goes through the switch to the motor track, the engine switches on and begins controlling the pump,then the pump begins leading air down to the tank.

Portability is a key factor when choosing an air compressor. Portable compressors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses. A portable air compressor can not only blow wood shaving or driving nails but also compress two panels after applying the glue. It is the reason why you should choose this type of  air compressor instead of the heftier fixed machine although many artisans prefer fixed ones. Because of portable compressor’s convenience, it is very useful for you to understand three basic steps below to choose the most comfortable machines for any task.

How much power do you need? air-compressor-300x300

You should know which level of professionalism you have to work with because this affects the power and size of air compressor you need. You have to select an air compressor with a big pump if you work with a big tool which need more pressure.

To make your air compressor be easy to controlled, their design omits the tank forcing them to run constantly while in use. No matter how hard or how fast the motor runs, limitation still have to show how much you could carry on with these compressor. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t hope the movable compressor to handle bulky tasks as its bigger brother.

Look at CFM, stand for Cubic Feet per Minute

When you’re shopping for an air compressor, the first thing you’ll notice is that they’re plastered with specifications: 2 hp, 3 gallon, 2.8 cfm, 130 psi, 73 dB.

But don’t let all those specs confuse you. Notice the machine’s CFM.

Most air devices have a specific CFM. It is a volumetric flow measure. (I can give out an example: Standard CFM is measured as 14.5 PSIA, with 0% relative humidity, at 68 °F (20 °C)). It is seem to be quite simple, however, the complicated part is that CFM changes rely on the compressor’s the psi, which mean that two equipments with different psi won’t necessarily have Cubic Feet per Minute that you can easily add together. For example, a nail gun might unsuccess to shoot nails with the right force should the CFM delivery be of a smaller rating. Research carefully Standard CFM (SCFM) when you evaluate compressors. When you decide to buy the best air compressor, you want to get close to this figure so that you don’t spend time with a too-tiny unit or waste much money on a too-big one.

The power source you should concern


You have two choices: a gasoline engines or an electric motor. The electric motor is very comfortable and very strong but you do not always have access to electric source. Another problems is how much power is suitable for the machine. Electric compressors generally run on standard household voltage, between 110–120V. Although most normal size pumps run on the 110V electric source, some big units need 240V to run.

In addition,don’t forget hose length. The machine can be undersized, movable items or bigger, stronger fixtures. A portable air compressors is quite comfortable, but if it just stay at the fixed position of the garage, then you should choose a longer hose, instead, and have a higher efficiency compressor.

It is very important for you to read carefully air compressor reviews in order to ensure you made a right decision when you need the best air compressor. Your work will become much easier if you have the most convenient machine by your side.

Most power tool often have some directions about how to keep safe while using, it is also paramount when operating pneumatic tools and an air compressor. There are so many safety guidelines in the internet. Always keep these instruction in mind.